Updated on: 7 March 2004
Posted on: 25 June 2001

4029th Strategic Reconnaissance Training Squadron

Training is something that is continuos in the life of a U-2 or SR-71 crew, new techniques, upgrades to aircraft and new sensors and ecm to keep up with, that was the task of the 4029...

Designed by the first Commander's wife this was the insignia worn by the Instructor Pilots, and RSO's

Then with the addition of the U-2 to the mix at Beale, they had their own patch....

I received this message from Stormy Boudreaux:

I designed that original DRAGON TAMERS patch - also coined the phrase "Dragon Tamers". I was one of the original cadre of instructors in the replacement training unit prior to the 4029th being formed. The intent/plan at that time was that the 4029th would eventually become the "school house" for all training at Beale. The future growth of that patch was to have HABU and TALON added to the perimeter at 9 and 3 o'clock replacing the 4029 and SRTS. The inner art would be transformed to more generic material that wasn't so U-2 specific. So the squadron would become not only DRAGON Tamer but HABU and TALON Tamers as well, or so the explanation went, as I was selling the design to the new-Squadron Commander (Lt Col Doyle Krummery) and the Wing Commander, who approved it just before the stand-up date for the squadron. My wife hand embroidered the patch so I could wear it the day the 4029th SRTS was officially stood up, 1 Aug 1980

The Squadron eventually did pick up responsibility for HABU (SR-71) and TALON (T-38) training but the official patch was changed to the one above (with the bird carrying the lightning bolt) by one of the subsequent commanders wife before that happened.

The 4029th SRTS only operational from 1 August 1980 thru July 1986

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