Last updated: 19 November 2006
Posted on: 8 May 2001

99th Strategic Reconassiance Squadron
99th Reconnaissance Squadron

99th Strategic Reconnaissance

Early 1970s

Another version from the 70s
Courtesy of the C. Langston Collection



With the demise of SAC on
June 1, 1992, the "Strategic"
was removed,

Variations of the Dragon Lady patch
Variations of the Dragon Lady patch
A variation on the Dragon Lady
patch theme, but with a twist, NAV
As I understand it, these were
worn by some of the maintenance folks
when based in Thailand, with the 99 SRS
during the Vietnam War.
On the right a variation with no
"OMS U-2" lettering


99 SRS, OL-NB Drone Squadron(?),
Vietnam War era, patch scan courtesy
the John Cooke Collection
T-38 Instructor Pilots Insignia 
Blue/White for 99 RS;

Red/Black for the 1 RS

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