Last up dated: 1 March 2006

Insignia of the 9th

Pre 25 June 1966, the 9th was a Bomb Wing out of Mountain Home AFB, ID, it became the 9 Strategic Reconnassaince Wing(SRW) from 25 June 1966 till 1992. The 9th has had two names since then, the 9 Wing(W), then the 9 Reconnassiance Wing(RW), which it still is! The insignia for the has gone through two versions; the usual shield with 9 Wing on the scroll below, but that has been switched to it's older and more historic "Semper Paratus" on the scroll.

The original 9 SRW patch, with the rattlesnake from the 9 BW patch and the SR-71
9th SRW Prototype insignia, notice the green lettering, instead of the black lettering
9 SRW insignia
With the demise of SAC on June 1, 1992, the 9 SRW became the 9W, but then....
It became the 9 Reconnaissance Wing(RW), and got it's original motto back....
Variation on the Semper Paratus insignia
Variation on the 9 SRW patch


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