Updated on: 27 November 2004
Posted on: 25 June 2001

HABU Shields

When the A-12 and then the SR-71 deployed to OL-08, Kadena AB,
Okinawa, Japan, the local population said that the aircraft looked
like a indigenous snake known as "Habu". So as they say the rest is.....
well the rest is Dave Jensen one of the first SR RSOs to deploy to
Kadena designed the Habu shield. Thanks to Tom Pugh for the insignia info

One of GT Morgan's shields
Shield from Tom Estes orange flight
  Tom Pugh's "Habu 8" worn
while at OL-08, Kadena AB,
Okinawa, Japan
(Patch image
courtesy Tom Pugh)

A variation of the standard Habu patch, and a rare patch(only two where
made!), worn by Tom Alison and his RSO, J.T. Vida.

"E-08" means that Alison/Vida where an Experienced crew and where
crew "08"

J. T. Vida's patch is in the Smithsonian Air and Space Collection, While
Tom Alison is still hanging on to his!
Patch photo courtesy David Allison, habu.org

BC Thomas' Habu shield on his flight jacket, denoting 1000 flight hours in
the SR-71
Variations on the Habu shield

Courtesy C. Langston Collection

Courtesy C. Langston Collection


Courtesy C. Langston Collection
With the re-engining of the
KC-135Q, it became the "T"
Real Recce variations


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