Last updated: 28 November 2004
Posted on: 19 March 2004

Miscellaneous SR-71 Patches

A-1 Operation Demonstration 1983
ASARS demo in 1983
West Coast 3+ 1984
ASARS Demo on west coast in 1984
Conversion from analog to digital
utomaticFlight Control Systems and
Automatic Inlet Control System (repro)
SR-71, U-2, TR-1 Worldwide Operations
Beale AFB Aero Club
Aircraft Recovery the compamy that
noved most of the retired SRs to
museums. The "55+" is the speed in
which the SR traveled
Wrote some training manuals for the SR-71
Also wrote training manuals for the SR-71
Strategic Projection Force, 5th Bomb Wing, & 28th Bomb Wing, & 321 Security Police Group
Courtesy C. Langston Collection
Other Miscellaneous Patches
Hat or Cap patch

Original on left, Repro on right
Top- flag patch carried on the Smithsonian Record Flight(Courtesy C. Langston Collection)
Bottom- Speed Record flag on left, generic flag on right
On left-fully embroidered;
On right partially embroidered
Novelty patch for Groom

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