Last updated: 20 January 2008
Posted on: 27 October 1999

Mystery Patches.........

Please help identify these patches from U-2 and SR units and programs...If you have any info on these patches please email John

Patch 1: I don't think this is an SR-71 patch, but hey....I've had
it before the band appeared, so maybe it is......anyone have any ideas?

Please email John with the answer

Patch 2: (150mm), Not sure about this one either, except
that it is about 6 inches in diameter and there are two
versions. One as you see here and the other Snoopy
has a red scarf. They look to be local made in South East
Asia, Vietnam era. Why is Snoopy peeing on our beloved U-2?

Please email John with the answer

Patch 3: Received an iquiry from Charles Langston about this patch, it seems to me I've seen a n picture of this patch in one of the SR books, but until I find it in there, does anyone know what it signifies?

Please email John with the answer



Patch Mysteries Solved.....

GOLD PAN was a method to send datalinked imagery to aircraft flying with modified AXQ-14 datalink pods (the ones used to control AGM-130s and GBU-15s). Typically, a U-2 would fly a recce mission, datalink its imagery back to Beale, who would then send that imagery to a van, who would then upload the imagery and send it to airborne F-15Es. Total time from first image being shot to when we could receive it was less than one hour -- so this was a fairly useful system.

Ok, "Lo-Pro" is a flight without sensors, the Raven represents the Electronic Warfare field.

I heard from Dan Birdsong, and he and a buddy created the patch while stationed with the Blackcats. The 3 lighting bolts represents the systems on the U-2, Link, Ruby, and Spear.

This patch was for the new kitten Oscar II, who was chased into the transformer behind the old OPS building at Det 2 in Osan. He was electrocuted when he jumped up on it. His name was .... Sojo.

Via TSgt Curtis Fluke Det 2 1994

(128mm x 101mm),Okay the person I got this from said he
heard that it had something to do with start of the U-2R program.......
So any folks out there with the beginning of the Air Force's or CIA's
U-2R program can shed any light on this interesting patch?

Just got an email from a former U-2 person, and "Triangulum" is the RS6b Spear system and one of the sensor systems that spread from the Super Pods to the Q-bay. It is the one with all of those antennas on the belly and wings. The Triangulum portion of the system went in the Q-bay and utilized the 12 antennas that went along the fuselage as well as one antenna on each wing between the fuselage and super pod.

(85mm x 89mm), Was this worn by crews? If so what does the 40+ mean?

After speaking with numerous Habus and maintanance folks, it was
never used and no one seems to know who made it or why!

(115mm x 115mm), I've seen three of these patches, not sure what to make
of it......Never heard of a "Strategic Reconnaissance Group", though I
have heard of Strategic Air Command!

The Strategic Reconnaissance Group was based at SAC HQs, and
controlled the recce assets of the USAF

(115mm x 64mm), Okay here is one for all you current and former
"Habus" out there. I doubt that this is a "real" Habu patch, but it is kinda neat. Was it worn or not....?

Another never used patch, no Habu or other folks associated with the
SR program, that I spoke with seem to have seen this patch before.....

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