Last updated: 13 May 2001
Posted on: 28 May 1988

Patch Want List

If there is a link indicated I've been able to borrow an example of the patch I'm trying to find.

Here is a list of the patches That I'm still on the prowl for:

5 Strat Recon Trng Sq (SRTS) (Eagle)
9 Armnt & Elect Maint Sq (AEMS)
9 Avncs Maint Sq (AMS)
9 Field Maint Sq (FMS)
9 Orgnzl Maint Sq (OMS)
9 Civil Eng (CE)
9 Combat Support Group (CSG)
9 Contracting Sq (CS)
9 Security Police (SP)
9 Supply Sq (color)
9 Transportation Sq (TS)
14 Air Division
17 RW CAMS (subdued)
17 RW Supply Sq
43 AREFS KC-135T Fairchild AFB, WA
99 Strat Recon Sq (SRS) (Buffalo)(old)
100 SRW Security Police
100 SRW Supply Sq
100 SRW Transportation Sq
100 SRW Services Sq
380 ARS
903 ARS
919 ARS
1129th SAS (Special Activities Sq.)
1130 Air Tech Trng Group (ATTG)
2762 Logistics Sq (SP) (Det 6/ Norton AFB, CA)
4025 SRS
4028 Strat Recon Weather Sq (SRWS)
4029 SRTS
4080 SRW (60’s)
4080 SRW FMS (60’s)
4080 SRW OMS (60’s)
4200 SRW AMS (60’s)
4200 SRW FMS (60’s)
4200 SRW OMS (60’s)
4200 SRW Support Sq (60’s)
4201 SRS (60’s)
4203 RTS (60’s)
4235 STS
4786 Test Sq
A-1 Operational Demo 1983 (small right triangle)
Aviall (contractor for maint. on J-58 engines)
Beale Bandits (small circular patch)
Dragon Lady "Solumnus Volamus" "500"
Det 1 - Okinawa 1968-1990 (4.5' circle w/tabs)
Det 4 RAF Mildenhall, UK (there are several versions)
Det 6 (AFLC) WSLO (Weapons System Liason Off.)
OL-8 (has two headed snake intertwined in number)
OL-FR Operating Location-France (Istreas AB, France)
OL-KA (has two headed snake intertwined in letters)
OL-RK (has two headed snake intertwined in letters)
OL-RK OL-8-1971-Habu (3.75” patch)
“The Party’s Over” “The sled is Dead Sep 88” (4.25”circle)
Pratt & Whitney logo (stylized Eagle)
Pratt & Whitney 2000+ SR-71 J-58 (4.5” circle)
Sim 3+ (similar to 3+ Diamond patch) (6” tall diamond)
T-38 (similar to 3+ Diamond patch) (5” tall diamond)
West Coast 1984 (ASARS Demo) (4 7/8” x 4” square)
Big Blue Bird (cartoon of SR-71)
Circular Mach 3+ patch for A-12

Also looking for any U-2 or SR-71 related patches, photos, and memorabilia

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