Updated on: 10 February 2005
Posted on: 25 May 2001

Personalized Insignia and Clothing

More in the elite units then other units, personalized items seem to proliferate.....Here are some U-2 and SR-71 personalized unit items......

Replicas of Ed Yeilding's and J. T. Vida's pressure suit name tags from the record run.

I was told when I got these that the Smithsonian had done these 12 sets of duplicates because Ed, and J. T. had
kept the originals,
but after speaking with Tom Alison at the Smithsonian, both suits have the original patches
on them.....

So now I'm not sure what they were made for, but they're very neat....

Pressure suit name patch from Warren Trout, U-2 pilot,
with Flag and U-2
Lt. Colonel Tom Alison, SR-71 pilot(image courtesy of
David Allison, Habu.org)
Crew insignia for Tom Alison and J. T. Vida
(Image courtesy of David Allison, Habu.org)
Tom Pugh's Habu shield as worn ad OL-08,
Kadena AB, Okinawa, Japan.
(Image courtesy of Tom Pugh)

B. C. Thomas' Flight Jacket(with the 1000 Hour Habu patch)
(Image courtesy of David Alison, Habu.org)
"Best P.E. Dock in SAC", By the way anyone
know what a P.E. Dock is?

SR-71 Crew member G.T. "Foggy" Morgan nametag
Of Course name tags are always personalized...
Det 2 U-2 pilot's name tag
Flight suit and Pressure suit name tags
U-2 Name Tags
Pressure suit name tags

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