Last updated: 27 November 2004
Posted on: 29 March 2004

Pratt & Whitney Engines

Pratt & Whitney provided engines for the U-2(up until the "S" version) & SR-71.
Various logos for Pratt & Whitney
"In Thrust We Trust"
Variation of "In Thrust We Trust"
"Depnedable Engine" variaton

A variation of the "In Thrust We Trust"
with "Engines" instead of "Engine"
Courtesy of C. Langston Collection

These next three patches are from the Aviall company that did J-58 engine maintenance for the NASA Blackbirds, and
then when the AF program restarted the AF Blackbirds. Left- "Palmdale Engine Shop" variation, Middle- This was a
copy of what was on the back of the technicians coveralls, Right- Another copy of what was sewn on the
front of the coveralls

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