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Refueling Units

Without the trusty KC-135Q (and now the KC-135T) and the crews that fly and maintain these aircraft, the SR-71 couldn't complete the recce mission that it was built for. There were only a few of these units scattered around the world, let look at the patches they wore.

These are in numerical order of the units, I'll try and get a short unit history on each unit up soon! Also the patches are the actual size unless noted.


Air REFueling Squadron





70 ARS

The 70th ARS (out of Little Rock AFB, Arkansas)
handled the refueling of the SR-71 during the
early part of the program, so that the 903rd
could handle the refueling needs of the
CIA's A-12, and the D-21 program,
both the MD-21 launches and then the B-52H launches




100 Air Refueling Wing

The 100th has a interesting history,
it was a U-2 and a Drone unit at Davis-Monthon.
Then when the U-2 units where moved to Beale,
it became a KC-135Q unit to refuel the SR-71.

From Terry L Horstead -- "Confirm the diamond shaped patch is the 100th OMS from Pease AFB (later Davis-Monthan AFB,
Beale AFB - as well as worn by the TDY Buffalo Hunter
Crewchiefs a U-Tapao that were TDY from DM with the DC-

306th AREFS

Another variation of the 306th ARS,
there is no "tail" to form the "Q"
Courtesy of the C. Langston Collection
Image Courtesy of
the "KCBoomer"

349th AREFS

50th Anniversary



376th SW

376th Strategic Wing
376th Strategic Wing
At some point in time, new unit insignia was needed and ordered, made, but then it was
discovered, that the patch manufacturer that
the "6" was upside down.
376 Startegic Wing, Okinawa
Notice the Habu, on the back of the Bear.
The text(G.B.T.T.F.) in scroll on the bottom stands for Giant Bear Tanker Task Force.
Courtesy of the C. Langston Collection

380th AREFS

The 380th AREFS was part of the
380th BW at Plattsburgh AFB, NY.
They flew the KC-135Q


A variaition of the 380th AREFS
Courtesy of the C. Langston Collection

903 ARS

903 Aerial Refueling Squadron
Image Courtesy of
"KCBoomer" collection

909th AREFS

909th Air Refueling Squadron
909th AREFS, winner
of Spaatz Trophy 1988
Miscellaneous Refueling Patches

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