Updated on: 18 March 2007
Posted on: 26 June 2001

SR-71 Flight Test

SR-71 Air Force Flight Test was originally at Edwards AFB, CA, then it moved to Norton AFB, CA to become Det. 51,
then in 1977 it became Det. 6. With the move from Edwards to Norton, the flight test crews had no insignia to wear,
previously they had worn the Edwards AFB insignia(see below), but Norton had no such insignia, so an ever
imaginative Tom Pugh, came up with a design that the flight crews wore....
(Flight test insignia info via Tom Pugh)

Then after the embroidered patches ran out the "official" version
became a silk-screened version...Left: embroidered, Right: silkscreened
Variations on the flight test patches
I received this from an SR Flight Planner, it was still in the plastic
wrapper from the manufacturer
Another variation on the SR Flight Test Patch
And another variation on the SR Flight Test Patch
Edwards AFB, CA patches

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