Last updated on: 1 April 2004
Posted on: 16 March 2004

U-2 Detachments
and Operating Locations

100 Strategic Reconnaissance Wing, Operating Location- Olive Harvest, located at RAF Akroitiri, Cyprus.
New version of the OL-OH
Detachment 4
"Codak"; Det 4, 9th Wing; "Coatimundi"
The coatimundi is a racoon like
carnivore and it's habitat is from
Arizona to northern Argentina and

Det 4 (Panama?)

"Serpents of the Sun"

9th Strategtic Reconnaissance Wing, Operating Location- Olympic Flame

Detachment 5, 9 Strategic Reconnaissance Wing, another version of the Operating Location- Olympic Flame

Trojan Horse deployment to Vietnam
(see repro below)
OL-20 Giant Dragon deployment
or "Giani" Dragon as the patch says....

Though technically not a U-2 Operating Location, this was the drone unit attached to the 99th SRS U-2 Detachment.
Patch scan from the John Cook Collection
OL-UK RAF Alconbury
OL-UK RAF Fairford
Made for reunion patches- below
El Loco Crow-
Surfing Crow-
Toy Soldier- Alaska deployment
Lucky Dragon- Vietnam deployment
Trojan Horse- Vietnam deployment
(see above for actual patch)

See also U-2 in Desert Storm

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