Last updated: 2 December 2006
Posted on: 25 February 1997

Black Cats, the 5th Reconnaissance Squadron

The "Black Cats" have a long history starting with the CIA & Republic of China Air Force venture into
overflights of mainland China in U-2s, then the "Black Cats" monikor was taken over by the then OL-OA,
Osan AB, Korea, which was redesignated to 5 Reconnaissance Squadron, 9 Reconnaissance Wing.
History of the Black Cats
Squadron photo taken in May 1996
Sortie Genration Flight "B" Team photo
Photo of the Commander of the 5 Recon Sq. during 1995-1996
Biography of Lt. Col. Charles Wilson
Det 2 and 5 Recon Sq. insignia
The U-2 Deployed in Korea
Black Cats Blood Chit
30th Anniversary of the Black Cats Celebration
With Thanks to Lt. Col. Charles Wilson, a true "High Flyer"

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