Posted on: 12 July 2001
Updated on: 26 March 2004

56-6692, Art. #359

6692 in Grey camo

6692 in Grey camo

Nice shot of the "Slipper Tanks" used on the early U-2s, while these are used for extra fuel,

the "Super Pods" used on present day U-2s are for added sensor carrying capability

6692 as U-2CT

As a result of a landing accident #6692 was rebuilt as the first U-2 trainer

#6692 hanging out at Duxford

History of 56-6692

U-2 #6692 delivered on 22 October 1956 (converted to U-2CT in 1972)

ECM pods arrive at Taoyuan AB for 6691/#358 & 6692/#359 in September 1964 (AC)

U-2F 6692, art.#359 deploys to Charbatia from Taoyuan for mission(s) over Tibet in December 1964 (AC)

USAF receives U-2 #66692 in TRIM(Target Radiation Intensity Measurement) configuration) in June 1967

U-2CT trainer design started on 9 August 1972, #6692 was rebuilt as trainer after a fire as a result of ground loop (EB)

After retirement converted back to "C" model, then delivered to Duxford Royal Aviation Museum

Currently on display at Duxford Royal Aviation Museum, England

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