Posted on: 12 July 2001
Updated on: 13 November 2001

56-6703, Art. #370

6703 flying w/Toy Soldier logo on tail

In U-2A natural aluminum finish

First deployed group to Vietnam

First U-2 group to Vietnam, got there on 5 March 1964. Photo was taken maybe in May 1964.

Jim "Soup" Campbell is 5th man from left in back row

Notice that the "RAMS Horn" where added in the time between the taking of this picture and the picture submitted by Glenn Campbell.

Glenn Chapmans group photo from Vietnam

OL-20 "Lucky Dragon" Vietnam Operations in 1964

The person with the arrow pointing to him is Glenn Chapman,

also notice the "Rams Horn" antenna over the 6th person in the back row

History of 56-6703

Apr 1957 U-2A #6703 delivered to Groom Lake, NV

Transfered to Lughlin AFB, TX for use by the 4080th SRW in June 1957

Deployed to Eielson AFB, Alaska for first "Toy Soldier" sampling, January - March 1958(TTU)

Deployed again to Eielson AFB in September - November 1958

Reconfigured to dedicated SIGINT configuration in 1959

Crashed on 18 September 1964 near Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ. Killing USAF Pilot: Bob Primrose

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