Posted on: 13 July 2001
Updated on: 17 July 2001

56-6714, Art. #381

6714 in Grey camo @ air show

At an airshow with slipper tanks, and grey camo!

6714 on pole @ Beale AFB, CA

#6714 is currently on display at Beale AFB, CA

6714 on pole @ Beale AFB, CA

6714 on pole @ Beale AFB, CA

History of #6714

August 1957 delivered to Groom Lake, NV as U-2A

2 May 1974 as U-2C crashed near Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ; USAF Pilot: Dan W. Riggs survived

Lost on 31 January 1980 near Oroville, CA. USAF Pilot: Edward I. Beaumont lost consciousness while on a training flight the aircraft. The aircraft glided earthward, followed by a chase aircraft, till it hit some high tension electrical lines causing the U-2 to slowly spiral to the ground. After safely landing, Edward Beaumont regained consciousness by the sudden jolt of hitting the ground, and he exited the U-2.

The U-2 is now mounted on pylon at Beale AFB, CA.

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