Posted on: 9 September 2004
Updated on: 9 September 2004

68-10333, Art. #055

"I was on the launch crew for 68-10333 when it crashed at Osan Korea. we did the preflt and fuel load.The  plane was right at the end of the runway about 500ft(my guess). The tail end blew off. pilot ejected right away. And the jet fluttered to the ground like feather. With it being so early in the morning you could actually hear the plane hit the ground! It landed in a rice paddy upside down. the next day we had to wade into the paddy and dig all the secret stuff off the wreck. It was a mixture of fuel, hydraulic fluid, and of course rice paddy ingredients, we also had to spend the next week digging out the rest of the wreckage" -P.C.

History of #10333

Flew with ROCAF
Transferred to 100 SRW early 1975
Transferred to 9 SRW, 1976
Damaged at OL-OH on 24 April 1980, no other info
Crashed on 22 May 1984 at Osan AB, Korea, due to problems with engine mounts which caused the tail to blow off. USAF Pilot: Dave Bonzi survived, U-2R was shipped back to Beale AFB, CA and destroyed. No other details.

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