Posted on: 17 July 2001
Updated on: 6 August 2001

68-10338, Art. #060

On a training mission

History of #10338

Delivered to 100 SRW

Transferred to 9 SRW, 1976

First U-2 to reach 20,000 hour mark, 11 August 1994

Lost on 29 August 1995 at RAF Fairford, UK. USAF Pilot: Capt. David Hawkens was killed. Capt. Hawkens aircraft, suffered a hung pogo while taking off on a Bosian overflight mission. Capt. Hawkens managed to get his aircraft turned around and upon touching down, the U-2 veered left and exploded into flames. Capt. Hawkens ejected horizontally from the aircraft and sustained fatal injuries and died later in a local hospital. Aircraft was in C-Span configuration

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