Posted on: 17 July 2001
Updated on: 5 August 2001

80-1069, Art. #069, was NASA #708

The first formation flight of three ER-2 aircraft based at NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA, was conducted during the afternoon of April 3, 1996. This is the last time all three ER-2s will be simultaneously located at Ames. NASA 709(80-1097) left Ames on April 8 to conduct a one-and-a-half month project SUCCESS (Subsonic Aircraft: Contrail and Cloud Effects Special Study) deployment to Salina, KS, in conjunction with Ames’ DC-8. On April 18, NASA 706(80-1063) was flown to Lockheed’s maintenance facility in Palmdale, CA for a six-month installation of a new GE turbofan engine; each of the other two ER-2 aircraft will follow in turn. In March 1997, when NASA 708(80-1069) is due to be re-engined, it will be turned back to the U.S. Air Force, which has requested its return. The other two ER-2 aircraft will remain the property of NASA. This photo shows the three ER-2s flying over the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA. -NASA-Ames Press Release

History of 1069

Built as TR-1A, delivered to USAF on July 1982

Transferred to 17 RW, July 1982

Damaged by vehicle collision at RAF Alconbury, in Oct 1983

Transferred to Lockheed to be converted to ER-2 spec

On loan to NASA (#N708NA), Ames Research Center

The Air Force has asked that #1069 be returned to Air Force, due to a shortage of U-2s.

Returned to Lockheed to be converted to "S" spec 1996

Returned to USAF, March 1997

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