Posted on: 17 July 2001
Updated on: 5 August 2001

80-1071, Art. #071

At an airshow....

History of #1071

25 Jul 1983, First flight of U-2R #1071; Lockheed Test Pilot: Ken Weir

Delivered as U-2R, Nov 1983

Returned to flight test, 1985

First Senior span aircraft

Returned to 9 SRW, late 1988

12 Aug 1994, First production U-2S flown, Lockheed Test Pilot: Rob Rowe

First production U-2S, delivered 28 Oct 1994

Skidded of end of runway after emergency landing at Beale AFB, CA experienced engine failure on take-off, USAF pilot: Capt. David Hosley on 13 Feb 1996; Repaired at Palmdale, CA and returned to 9 RW on 17 June 1997, first pilot to fly aircraft after repairs was Capt. David Hosley!

Was static aircraft at Beale Air Fest '97

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