Posted on: 17 May 2001
Updated on: 18 August 2003

U-2 Photo Gallery Credits

With much thanks, for these pages would not exist without the kindness of these contributors.

AC -Anonymous Contributor
Anonymous Contributor(another one!)
AG3 -"Aerograph 3, Lockheed U-2" by Jay Miller
AG28 -"Aerofax Minigraph 28" by Jay Miller and Chris Pocock
AP -Associated Press
AWST -Aviation Week & Space Technology
BB -Buddy Brown
Charles Arrington
CC -Coy F. Cross II, 9 RW Historian
CP -Chris Pocock
CW -Lt. Col. Chuck Wilson
David Allison,
DL -"Dragon Lady, The History of The U-2 Spyplane" by Chris Pocock
DLMTC -"The Dragon Lady Meets the Challenge: The U-2 in Desert Strom" by Dr. Coy Cross
EB -Ed Baldwin
Fred Carmody
Gary Chambers
Gavin from near Fairford, UK
Glenn Chapman
JHJr -Joe Hyde, Jr.
LMSW -Lockheed Martin Skunk Works Star
LS -Lockheed Star
LT -London Telegraph
PH -Pat Halloran
Patrick Pemberton
SM -Stuart McMurtie
SW -Steve Walker
Tony Landis
TB -Tony Bevacqua
TR -Tom Roach
US Air Force,
UEFTP -"U-2S Engine Flight Test Program" by Thomas S. Pugh
U2SAI -"U-2 Spyplane in Action" by Larry Davis
9 Reconnaissance Wing History (9RW)

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