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U-2 Overflights of the Soviet Union and China

With thanks to Sean O'Conner and his research in the Eisenhower Library in Abilene, Kansas. Here are the Russian and Chinese overflights, as detailed in a memo from Allen Dulles, CIA head, to Brigadier General Andrew J. Goodpaster, dated 18 August 1960. Goodpaster was Eisenhower's staff secretary from 1954-1961.


20 June 1956-Poland, DDR, Czechoslovakia(pilot: Carl Overstreet)
2 July 1956-DDR, Romania, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Russia,
2 July 1956-Romania, DDR, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland
4 July 1956-Russia, DDR, Poland, Estonia, Latvia(pilot: Carmen Vito)
5 July 1956-Russia, DDR, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania
9 July 1956-Poland, DDR, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia
9 July 1956-DDR, Hungary, Russia, Poland, Czechoslovakia
10 July 1956-DDR, Russia, Poland, Romania, Czechoslovakia, Hungary(pilot: Harvey Stockman)
6 Sept 1956-Yugoslavia, Albania
12 Oct 1956-Yugoslavia, Albania
20 Nov 1956-Russia(pilot: Gary Powers-?)
10 Dec 1956-Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Albania
10 Dec 1956-Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Albania

25 April 1957-Albania
8 June 1957-Russia
20 June 1957-Russia
4 August 1957-China, Mongolia, Russia
5 August 1957-Russia
11 August 1957-Russia, China
20 August 1957-Russia, China
20 August 1957-Russia, China
21 August 1957-Russia, China
21 August 1957-Russia, China
21 August 1957-Tibet, China
28 August 1957-Russia
10 Sept 1957-Russia
26 Sept 1957-Russia
13 Oct 1957-Russia

28 Jan 1958-Albania
1 March 1958-Russia
18 June 1958-China
20 August 1958-China
9 Sept 1958-China
22 Oct 1958-China

12 May 1959-Tibet, Laos, North Vietnam, China
14 May 1959-Tibet, China
9 July 1959-Russia
29 August 1959-North Vietnam, Laos
3 Sept 1959-Tibet, China
4 Sept 1959-Tibet, China, Laos
7 Sept 1959-Laos, North Vietnam
9 Sept 1959-Tibet, China
12 Sept 1959-Laos, North Vietnam
4 Nov 1959-China, Tibet, Burma
6 Dec 1959-Russia

10 Feb 1960-Russia
30 March 1960-Tibet, Western China
4 April 1960-Tibet, Western China
9 April 1960-Russia(pilot- Bob Ericson)
1 May 1960-Russia(pilot: Gary Powers- shot down near Sverdlovsk, Russia)



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