Updated: 23 June 2003
Posted: June 2003

Ryan RPVs


Later they were deployed to Bien Hoa AB, Vietnam, after a U-2 was fired on by the N. Vietnamese with a SAM missile. They launched the rpvs over the Gulf of Tonkin, near the Red River delta, and over Laos, near the border of North Vietnam. The rpvs were recovered at Da Nang.

Bien Hoa drone area Vietnam, taken by a Ryan photographer


Ramp at Bien Hoa, Vietnam


Over the Gulf of Tonkin

They are carring a 147S. The pilot of this DC-130E is Bob McGlohon. The photo was taken by Dick Klix from another DC-130 in this formation launch mission.



Red Chinese and H-18



Marvin Bixby in Vietnam in 1964



Marvin and crew before mission out of Bein Hoa, Vietnam in 1967



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