Last updated: 16 June 2001
Posted on: 29 April 2001

Webmaster Pictures.....

Blackbird Reunion 2001
Yours Truly, Dave Allison(, Rupert Scammell(restorer on #975) , Leland Haynes(SR-71 Blackbirds)

David, Leland, and Myself

Blackbird Reunion 1999
David Allison(, Leland Haynes(SR-71 Blackbirds), &
Yours truly!

Dave Allison & Myself in 968

Virginia Air Museum SR-71 Forum 2000
Yours truly and David Allison( in #968

Me in U-2S cockpit

CIA U-2 Conference September 1998
Myself in U-2S cockpit #1099

Me in USAF Musem #976

USAF Museum
Yours truly in #976 at the USAF Museum(a long time and brown hair ago!)

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