Last updated: 27 November 2006

Insignia of the Blackcats

9 SRW, 5 Reconnassaince Sq.
(5 RS)
5 RS Solo patch
Chinese Air Force 35th Sq.
(CIA/ CAF U-2 unit)
Det 2, subdued
Variations of Det 2, PSD patch
Det 2 Name Tags
Variations on the larger Black Cat
Variations on the small Black Cat

R.I.P. Soju
24 Apr 01
Oscar Approved

This patch was for the new kitten Oscar II,
who was chased into the transformer behind
the old OPS building at Det 2 in Osan.
He was electrocuted when he jumped up on it. His name was .... Sojo.
Via TSgt Curtis Fluke Det 2 1994



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